Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Mantel/Fireplace

Hi Everybody!

There are only two more weeks til Halloween and our petite cottage is all set for all the spooky fun, candy, tricks and treats. 

Here is a little look at this year's Halloween mantel/fireplace.
Kept it a little simple this year but....
still fun and a tiny bit spooky
I used things I already had. The only new addition was...
My new magical crystal ball I made. You can find the instructions on how I made it in the previous post.
Oh, and one more thing that is new...the black mantel scarves are new too. Got those at the Dollar Tree.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. I always enjoy the company.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Easy Crystal Ball Craft

Crystal ball, crystal ball, tell me what I want to know....
Is there a mini Halloween tutorial in the very, very near future?
Looks like there is...Here is how I made this super spooky and super easy crystal ball.

Here is what you'll need:
*A plastic sphere (The kind that you can open in half.)
*Very little faux silk spider web.
*A candle stick...any will do ( I got mine at the Dollar Tree. They were two for a buck)
*Some vellum paper to print out the image of your choice...I chose a skull because for some reason skulls seems to be the main Halloween theme around our petite cottage this year.

What you'll need to do first is pick your image and then print it on the vellum paper. Just make sure it will fit your sphere. I made my image just a little smaller than the measurement from the inside center of the sphere to make sure it would fit. And then cut it out and you are ready to continue.
Open your sphere. I placed one half on the candle stick to make it easier to work with. Otherwise it just wibble wobbles everywhere :-) Make sure that the little hoop that is used to hang the sphere goes at the bottom. It will go in the candle stick so you won't see it. Plus it will help a little to keep the sphere in place on the candle stick.
Then take just a little bit of faux spider web and pull it apart. Pull it kind of long because some will go in the sphere and some will hang out...Keep reading, you'll see why.
Then place your image in the center, on top of the web that's inside the sphere...Like the picture above.
Next, with the web that was left hanging pull that over the image to sandwich the image between the bottom and top layers of web. This will keep your image in place. Play around and adjust the wed and image until you are happy with it. Final step is to close the sphere and place it on the candle stick and your done...Easy peasy, right?

Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial...I would love to know if you decide to give it a try.

Happy Monday Everyone.

Hugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's October!

And you know what that means....

Halloween is just around the corner.
Let the Halloween fun begin.
Happy October Everyone!

Hugs and Kisses.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

It has been absolutely wonderful to be able to travel all over the world, meeting many wonderful people and making some very sweet friends along the way...And all while sitting in front of my computer....Hee, Hee,Hee. What a wonderful place this Blogland is.

One of these very sweet and dear friends who I have met in my "travels" is Carolyn from Draffin Bears. She is a very kind and dear friend who lives in New Zealand. She loves her family, traveling and is a very talented and creative soul...She creates the most beautiful mohair bears. If you haven't met her yet you should stop by and say
(Aren't Carolyn's little bear creations adorable?)

Carolyn invited me to join her in the "Around the World Blog Hop" which I was happy and thrilled to accept the invitation. As part of this blog hop I have to answer some questions, so here we go.

Question #1: What am I working on right now?

I am not one to sit still with idle hands for too long. It seems that there is always something I am working on. As of right now there are a couple of projects I am working on....

Crocheting this white and creme, zig zag pattern throw.
Also working on a new doll...I love making dolls. I am still in the very early design stage.
And although I haven't started yet, but will very soon... I will be working on a couple of Halloween costumes for myself and my daughter...Hubby's is already done.
Question #2: Why do I create what I do?

 I Have always said that I am the happiest when I am with my family and when I am creating. I love to create and to be creative simply because it makes me happy. I create what I do because it makes me happy and because when I create something for someone else it makes them happy too.

Question #3: How does my creative process work?

Well, this is a long and complicated process which always seems to amuse my hubby, but since this post is already long enough I will put it in a nut shell....First step would be inspiration, second step would be trial and error, trial and error and then some more trial and error and final step would be the creation itself :-)

And now comes the part where I get to introduce to you three more wonderful people I have met through my blog travels...

I would like you to meet my sweet friend Teresa from I Got The Sun in the Morning who lives in Portugal. A kind, thoughtful, sweet, caring, supportive soul who I have the honor of calling friend. She loves to share with her blogger friends interesting articles, positive quotes, her beautiful home and garden and most of all her heart...Please won't you stop by and say hello here.
I would also like for you to meet my sweet sorella, Ally from the blog with the same name who lives in beautiful Italy. She is my sweet Italian sister who even though we have never met in person has become a very dear part of my heart. Although she will never admit to it, she is a very creative and talented soul who loves to create. She has two beautiful children who she adores and a heart of gold. Do hop on by for a visit here.
And last but definitely not least I would like to introduce to you my sweet friend Alessandra from My Romantic Creations. She also lives in beautiful Italy. She loves to create and tries, with beautiful success, to always incorporate a romantic touch to all she makes. I'm sure she would love if you stopped by and said hello. You can find her here.
If you are still with me after this really long post...Thank you. I am so happy you stopped by and stayed a while. I always appreciate and enjoy the company.

Also a special Thank You to Carolyn for her invitation.

Wishing you all a beautiful new week.

Hugs and Kisses,