Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Days Before Christmas Countdown/Giveaway...6

We are closely keeping track of how many more days before Christmas. One more piece up on Santa's workshop Advent calendar means one day closer to The Big Day...Yay!

Only 6 more days!
Remember our countdown continues tomorrow...

Hope to see you then.
Have a very merry day.

Giveaway Guidelines....

For a chance to win Lula, The Sweet Little Christmas Fairy...This cute, little doll creation made by me...All you have to do is leave a comment on any of my 12 Days Before Christmas Countdown/Giveaway posts. Now if you would like your name to be entered up to 12 times well, all you have to do is visit us every day during our countdown and leave one comment on each of our 12 Days Before Christmas/Giveaway posts. Yay! Easy enough right? Deadline to enter is December 24th at midnight (Pacific Time). I will announced the winner on Christmas Day!

Warm Christmas Hugs,


  1. What a great advent calendar! The little toys in Santa's workshop are a perfect size for Lula.
    Won't you miss her helping hands and fairy dust when she leaves home? Don't think I could part with her!

  2. Lula is always helpful. The calendar is just the right size for a special fairy. I hope both of you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. uh-oh don't go and tell Lula but she has bed hair today ahahah

    So glad to see that even Fairies get rumpled in the proximity of big event... but... her dress looks perfect... wondering how does she manage it?! A Magical robe, maybe?!

    Lula's Advent Calendar is precious! And so is this idea, Ana!!!

  4. And oh how fast the days are coming,and going...blessings friend

  5. Hi Ana and Lula,
    Lula you are just the bestest helper! I think everyone needs a little fairy just like you!
    Sending big hugs, Elizabeth

  6. Isn't she cute? Love her shoes!
    XOXOXO Ido

  7. Your advent calendar is beautiful! also mine is made ​​of wood, but it is simple. a big hug my sweet friend. bye bye little Lula!

  8. What a cute post AND cute giveaway! I've been gone from blogging for some time. Was happy to be back and find your post!

  9. The days are just flying by, but Lula seems calm as can be. How DOES she manage to keep her cool?!

  10. My kids are counting down the days along with Lula! Time is going too fast for me :)


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