Saturday, December 22, 2012

12 Days Before Christmas Countdown/Giveaway...3

Oh sweet, we are soooo close. Yay!!!
Only 3 more days before Christmas!
I bet you're wondering what Lula, The Sweet Little Christmas Fairy is up to today?
What!? She is barely writting her letter to Santa? Oh yes, I forgot about her magic fairy dust...Her letter will get to the North Pole in no time...Hee, hee, hee.
Remember our countdown continues tomorrow...

Hope to see you then.
Have a very merry day.

Giveaway Guidelines....

For a chance to win Lula, The Sweet Little Christmas Fairy...This cute, little doll creation made by me...All you have to do is leave a comment on any of my 12 Days Before Christmas Countdown/Giveaway posts. Now if you would like your name to be entered up to 12 times well, all you have to do is visit us every day during our countdown and leave one comment on each of our 12 Days Before Christmas/Giveaway posts. Yay! Easy enough right? Deadline to enter is December 24th at midnight (Pacific Time). I will announced the winner on Christmas Day!

Warm Christmas Hugs,


  1. Hope you get all your heart desires, Lula. You too, Ana!

  2. No problem...nice always wins. Lula, remember to sign with Love. I am to bake goodies and wrap presents today. Have a sunny Saturday!

  3. only 3 days! oh no! passes too quickly over time. write Lula, write that this year's Christmas lasts longer. Ask this present for me please :) a hug my friends

  4. I love Lula! So adorable! Please include me in the giveaway!

  5. Dear Santa,
    Lula and Ana were great this year. Treat them well and give their hearts' desires.
    Yours (and Theirs),

  6. I wonder what Lulu would like for Christmas? She looks like a little sweetie pie, so I bet Santa brings her everything on her list.

  7. Oh what nice printing she has! I am thinking she might have to take her letter directly to Santa--it is getting quite late for the mail!

  8. I wonder what Lula wrote to Santa..What is on her Christmas list ?..I think I know, she has asked Santa to spread love and joy without the land...and she also wrote that she could help my speading her magic fairy dust that everyone could keep the Spirit of Christams everyday all year long.
    XO Elizabeth

  9. I hope sweet Lula gets everything she wishes for!

  10. quant' è dolce. volevo guardarla ancora una volta. quanto sei brava Ana. complimenti amica mia. fai delle cose meravigliose


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