Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Wedding Anniversary

Today is our Anniversary.

It's been 16 wonderful years!

(This was our cake topper)


christierepasy said...

I am so happy your husband blessed you with the original "Summers Blush", It means alot to me to know a sweet couple like you enjoy my art in your home. Sincerely, Christie

Jacque said...

That is a gorgeous cake topper!! And such a wonderful heirloom to treasure. My hubbie and I will celebrate our 42nd Anniversary on June 16. Our wedding cake had fresh flowers as a topper...kinda wish now that I had wanted a bride/groom one. But, nevertheless, our home is filled with love just as well! Thanks for sharing the picture! I love your home.

Sarah said...

Ana, what a sweet post. I think that is the prettiest cake topper I've seen. That is certain to become a favored family treasure. I'm having such a good time reading your posts.