Monday, June 8, 2009

I Love Hydrangeas

I love all flowers. They are all beautiful and special in their own unique way. However, of all the flowers, I would have to say the Hydrangea is my favorite of them all. I love all the colors they come in and I love how each blossom looks like a cute bouquet of tiny, little flowers. They are absolutely beautiful to me.
A while back, in a built in planter I had in the front of my house right underneath my kitchen window, I had the most beautiful hydrangeas. A few years ago we did some renovations which meant having to transplant them to a different part of the house. Unfortunately they didn't make it. It was the saddest thing ever. I had planted them and watched them grow and enjoyed many years of their beautiful flowers...but now they're gone. The good news is that when I transplanted them, back then, I also decided to take a cutting from one of the original plants and pot it. Well , it wasn't doing too well until this year. It is getting big and is full of green leaves (below). I can't wait until it's first blossom. In the mean time I can enjoy my Mom's pink Hydrangea (above) when I go visit. The beautiful picture of the Pink Hydrangea was taken by my talented daughter. I love it!


Jacque said...

Hello Ana...i got your address from Cindy's blog and wanted to take a look at yours. I love your home and your style of decorating. It is a long story, but we recently moved to East TN from NE a 100 yr old farmhouse, etc..I have a hydrangea bush that has not bloomed the 2 yrs I have been here. Do you know of any reason that it wouldnt bloom. It bushes out in lovely leaves and appears to be a healthy plant, BUT NO blooms! I sure would love to see what color it blooms. I love them too! If you get the chance come over for a visit, I havent posted a blog in a week--busy getting ready for 4th of July Family Reunion and have so many UNFINISHED projects to "put to bed" but I love blogging! It is such a source of therapy for me.

Ana said...

Hi Jacque, Thank you for stopping by. Now, as far as the hydrangeas are concern I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert. Gardening has never been my forte. After many years of trying to keep plants alive my "green thumb" has developed very little. I guess I was blessed with the first hydrangeas I had because I really didn't do much to them but water, prune and love them. The only thing I know about hydrangeas is that they require a lot of water, they require specific locations for planting. I had mine on the east side of my house. They love the morning sun and evening shade. And that certain fertilizers can change the color of the blossom. I also read that the weather plays a major role. I'm sorry I couldn't be much help, but good luck with your hydrangeas. They are summer bloomers so maybe this summer...Please keep me updated.
God Bless,

Jacque said...

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit and thanks for sharing what you know about the hydrangeas!