Monday, July 13, 2009

Introducing Shabby Chic Cookie

I recently realized that in my profile I mention my wonderful husband and my talented daughter, however, I forgot to mention one more member of our family....Cookie.

Cookie is our cute 63 year old...(in dog years) Chihuahua. She has been a part of our family since she was 8 weeks old. As you can imagine she is one spoiled little girl. Here she is below, very shabby chic in her black toile dress with pear green ruffles. Isn't she the cutest?

Please do not attempt to adjust your screen...Yes, Cookie is the world's biggest Chihuahua. When we first got her we were told that she would never get heavier than 6 lbs. According to the previous owner, she is a "Tea Cup Chihuahua." For those who are not familiar with this title, it is a name for a very small type of Chihuahua...

I guess it all started when Cookie began getting seizures and was put on medication to control them. After several months of taking the medication my husband and I decided to take her off of it. The medication was turning our Cookie into a totally different dog. Aside from her not acting like her sweet little self, she started to gain a lot of weight because of it. I mean a lot of weight. At her heaviest she was 14 lbs. That was over double her normal weight! She was so heavy she couldn't even walk up the stairs anymore.

So my husband and I decided that the risk of her having a heart attack, breaking a tiny leg or any other health problems because of the weight was too much. She's been off the medication for a while now and I would like to say she doesn't get seizures anymore, but she does. The good news is that she seems happier. She acts like her own cute, playful self again and has lost most of the weight. Plus she is the world's most spoiled little girl....Did I say that already? We love our Cookie.

This is Cookie and me in the back yard working on a special summer project that I'll post about later. Please stay tune. I would also love to give credit to my beautiful and talented daughter for Cookie's pictures. She calls Cookie her Diva Model.


Simply Dandy said...

Oh that made me cry.....I know what you mean by "spoiled". That's our Jackson. I always tell people that dog is GOD backwards and God's finest creation:) Cookie is blessed to have such a wonderful home.


Dawn said...

Cookie gets my vote for Bloggers Next Top Model. She looks fabulous in her diva clothes.

June said...

Hi Ana,
Oh yes Cookies is a doll. She is a beauty all dressed up.

Jacque said...

Ana...your Cookie is a doll! I love your new blog pic too! Looks like you have been busy lately! Can't wait to see the new project you are working on.

~Allie~ said...

POOR COOKIE! I am so sad..but happy she is so spoiled! I love her toile and green dress..that is awesome. I am a bit of a toile freak! Just out of curiosity do you live up North, South? I love love love your cottage!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Ana! Thanks so much for coming by to visit me today. I always love hearing from you. Cookie is such a cutie! I love her little toile dress! I understand your difficulties with the seizure medicine. My old boy Harley had them for the last 5 years or so. The doc put him on Phenobarbital. He didn't gain a lot of weight but it definitely changed his personality. Go give her a hug from me!

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