Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romantic Homes Magazine-August 2009


According to all your wonderful comments and the end results on my poll (80%-"Yes" and 20% "No") you would like for me to continue my Romantic Homes monthly post. Thank you all who participated and thank you for your help. It will be my pleasure to continue this monthly post. Have a great day!


I need your help please. A couple of months ago I decided it would be a good idea to commit myself to dedicating a monthly post to one of my favorite magazines. This, of course was when I first started blogging and didn't realize how much more I could blog about. Anyway, could you please help me decide whether I should continue my monthly post on Romantic Homes or not. Your input would be much appreciated. Please take a moment to take the poll located on my sidebar. Thank you!

In the mean time here are my favorite pictures in this months issue.

Beautiful !

Aren't this the cutest? I want them.

Lovely lampshade.

Everything looks so pretty and delicious.

Thank you so much for your visit. Please come again.


Cindy said...

Hi Ana, I saw a comment that you left over at "My Romantic Home" and I am always curious when I see a name with "Cottage" in it. You have a lovely little home and I really enjoyed the few posts that I read. I love pink and red, too. I also love Romantic Home magazine, but I can't afford to buy them each month, so many other things to tend to. So, I think it is a great idea to feature it. I will be back to check your blog. Hugs ~cindy s~

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Ana,
I think it's a good idea to keep it up too. I don't always get a chance to look through the magazine from cover to cover and if I know this is the place to come for highlights I certainly will. I love the boots but don't even remember seeing them while I flipped (very quickly) through the magazine. I do love the other items you post about on your blog too about what's dear to your heart. Have a great evening!

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

I do luv this magazine!! I am so glad you post your favorite pics from it. Had a great visit. Please stop by soon. Connie

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

I think I could definitely get used to Romantic Home picture posts!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I love Romantic my subscription for Mother's day and just gave a subscription away on my blog.

I think posting about great but if you want to go a new direction~go for it.

I like seeing the pics you picked and i did not even know you posted monthly about it:)

pamperedgirl38 said...

I'am personally a true blue fan of Romantic Homes so I have to say yes keep it up!!! I just wanted to say sorry for your loss earlier this year. We found out last night they have given her only 48 hrs left. Traci

The Faded Cottage said...

Hi Ana,
So glad I found your blog,it's so refreshing! I took your poll and voted yes to continue your monthly post to Romantic Homes, it's my favorite magazine and I've had a subscription for many years! The pictures of your home look lovely, I got a few decorating ideas from them, thanks for sharing. I'm adding you to my blog roll and if you would like to join me next Friday for Chippy Paint Fridays, please let me know by Thursday, that way I will add a link to your blog, how fun!
Have a fabulous day, Janice

pamperedgirl38 said...

I'am so sorry for misunderstanding! I feel awkward now. Anyway,thanks for always responding to my blog so quickly! You are an awesome friend to have in blog land!!! Have a super weekend! Traci

shabbydreaming said...

ohh yes keep it up!!love it!!gorgeous blog!!
have a great week!