Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thrift Store Goodies

I love going thrifting with my hubby! For some strange reason when I go by myself I tend to hold back on going crazy and buying every single thing that I find. But when he is with me (he spoils me so much) I pretty much can get whatever I want. :-)

These are a some of the beautiful things he bought for me on our thrifting trip this past weekend.

These are my favorite find of the day. They are Hobnail Pink Glass tumblers. Aren't they beautiful? I am such a happy girl.

These are a couple of wall sconce glasses. I paid .95 for each. Great deal huh? Stay tune, I have a great idea for these. I will be transforming them and posting pics in the near future.

I can't believe I found this piece. It's a casserole dish in my favorite hue of green, Yay! Now I can serve my dishes in style.

And last, but certainly not least it's this cute stationery basket for my desk. This too will be receiving a makeover so please stay tune. Well there you have it, all my thrift store goodies. I love, love, love thrifting. Do you? What are some of your favorite finds?

Oh! Before I go let me share with you a little story, something that happen on this particular thrift store trip. Well, in one of the thrift shops we went to, as we were paying for our finds someone was actually caught shoplifting! I have never heard of such a thing. Shoplifting a thrift store? Come on! Sadly it was a couple of young girls that apparently had purchase other stuff but thought they could get away without paying for a blanket. A BLANKET! What is this world coming to?
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!
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Mary said...

Hi's a good thing you saw those goblets first...I have 12 of the pink hobnail plates and dessert dishes, and would love to have goblets to match. I do have some beautiful pink goblets, but it would be nice to have these as well...I'm not greedy or anything! Happy for your many beautiful finds! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Dawn said...

Love your finds, Ana, especially the green casserole dish. I love soft cottage greeens!

June said...

Hi Ana, I love that green cassarole. That would be pretty on any table. The pink hobnail tumblers are so cool. Love your finds.

pamperedgirl38 said...

Hi Ana, love those pink hobnail goblets!managed to find a moment to get on the computer and check out a few of my fave blogs. Traci

Jacque said...

Hey Ana, you SCORED! Can't wait to see what you do with that stationary basket. I know it will be gorgeous! I love the glasses and the casserole dish.

Have a great day!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

What wonderful finds. And the casserole dish with the lid in tact! Lucky you! You'll have to take the hubby shopping with you more often.

Lovely blog. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for those sconces.


The Faded Cottage said...

Hi Ana,
Love all those treasures you found thrifting. Looking forward to the makeovers, I'm sure they will be fabulous!! I am so honored that you want to participate in Chippy Piant Fridays (sorry for the delay in responding, it's been one of those weeks). Let me know if you are still interested and I'll post a link to your blog, sooo excited to have company!!....Make it a great day, Janice

Aimee said...

OMG! The Hobnail tumbelrs are too adorable. What a great find!

If you get a chance, stop by my Blog for a visit and say hi! I put up a new post today of my pillow featured in Romantic Homes magazine.
Have a great day,


I left a comment for you but I don't think it accepted it so I'll try again here. I love the pink glasses and the green casserole dish! I was out of town and missed your post on the birdhouse, I just wanted to tell you it turned out so cute, where did you get the bird silouette from?