Saturday, December 5, 2009

Most Treasured Ornaments (Part 1)

Every Christmas, since my hubby and I first started dating, I have made an ornament to commemorate a special or important event that happened to us on that particular year... Well, hold on a minute, that's not entirely true...the first two weren't made by me, they were just embellished a bit to personalize them. Anyway, every year when we pull these ornaments out we get to relive our past adventures, memorable moments and special accomplishments. These are our Most Treasured Ornaments.

I am so excited because today I get to share with you the first 3 ornaments. So here we go...


Our first Christmas together as "boyfriend and girlfriend"...I know, I know kinda corny huh? But what can I say...I'm an old fashion, romantic kinda gal. So many wonderful memories. ♥♥♥

This is an ornament inside an ornament. The one inside was our very first one. I placed it inside this sphere to give it the same look and feel as the rest of them.


This beautiful ornament commemorates our engagement. Awwwww! Sigh! ♥♥♥ And actually this was the ornament that inspired me to make the others.

I use gold glitter, fabric paint to write the dates and create some of the other little designs found on several of the other ornaments.


And this is the year we got married...One of the happiest days of my life. I had a fairytale wedding and I am happy to say that after 16 years we're still living the "Happily Ever After" part. ♥♥♥

Sorry I couldn't get a better picture, but this is one of our wedding pictures inside the ornament.

(backside of ornament.)

Well there you have the first three. I'll be posting about the others in the following weeks. I invite you to come back and check them out. Until next time.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.


Hugs and Kisses,


Pauline said...

Congratulaions. Beautiful blog. Well done :o)
Kind regards

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Ana, what gorgeous ornaments! My very favorite is your wedding one, you are so beautiful! And what priceless memories they hold for you as well... I can't wait to see more of your most treasured ornaments... Bisous... Julie Marie

sunshine said...

So wonderful!
I think the first one,when you began dating is my favourite so far. They are all lovely though, of course. There is just something so "cute" about that one that makes me smile. :)
The wedding picture is gorgeous! Look at you! You beautiful thing you!!!


essemia said...

Your ornaments are beautiful.
Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Zuzu said...

From one old fashion, romantic kinda gal to another - these are all very special and gorgeous, Ana!

Have a beautiful weekend,

My Vintage Modern Farmhouse... said...

That is so sweet, you are beautiful! Yes I am still having the contest, but so far only one entry so bring me your door!!


Willow said...

That is a beautiful idea. I love things that will bring back good memories. I try to do that with all my christmas decor now.


Lee Laurie said...

They are all beautiful. This was a great idea.

Lee Laurie

Atelier de Charo said...

Qué lindo y que romántico. Buenos y gratos recuerdos como pareja plasmados en delicados adornos, me parece una super idea.


stefanie said...

that is the sweetest ever, I love it!!!!

Manoly said...

Hola Ana pasé a saludarte y me encontré con esta bella entrada de tu blog, eres genial, y soy tan romántica como tú, esos adornos son maravillosos Felicidades y el de la foto de los dos es taaaaaaaaaaaan tiernoo.Me alegra que sigas tan enamorada, .
¡¡¡Oye diime en web que te bajas los fondos de blog, no encuentro y me gustan mucho, un beso amiga

BellaRosa said...

Ana, those are so beautiful and the sentiment that is behind them makes them even so much more special! I actually saw your postvery early this morning...but I was to groggy to post lol But I am out of my stupor now :) You are still a bebe amor, I was married in 88 or was that 89? lol that is an on going fight with my mr wonderful..I still say he is cheating me out of a year :) I hope to start decorating this week, ugh I hate waiting...I always feel blue when I look around and there is no Christmas in my casa...That is about the time that everyone in my casa starts running around like crazy trying to help decorate cause they are scared of my moping and tude'...You would think they would know by now lol..Besos, Rose

I have to email you and tell you something funny because I didn't want to use up all your space here.

BellaRosa said...

Hey, I just noticed that cute lil bird and nest on your sidebar...I have the exact same one.. :) hey I do have some taste :) Besos, Rose

peppermint said...

I just love your ornaments! How unique! Thank you for sharing. Please come by and let me share a Christmas memory with you. Have a great weekend!
Hugs and glitter, Patti

Sandra said...

Hi Ana. What beautiful and sentimental ornaments. I love them all. Oh my gosh, I wish I had thought of this when we first got married. Darn it. I'm such a romantic at heart too. hee hee. Thank you for sharing with us, sweety. They are all beautitful.

Maria said...

How lovely are your ornaments! I especially love the one with the photo in it.
You two are a very beautiful couple!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Ana,

That is so beautiful and what lovely ornaments.
The ones you make yourself are so special.
I love the romantic photo of you and husband on your wedding day. You make a beautiful couple.

Have a happy weekend

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a wonderful way to commemorate each year. Your ornaments are lovely. At first, I thought that your wedding picture was somehow copied to some type of goblet and I couldn't imagine how it was done. I would never think to put a picture inside an ornament like that. Love the backside, too. Sunday blessings to you and yours. :) Tammy

Morita said...

Hace unos días que no paseaba por tu blog, HERMOSA!! Sorpresa me lleve, lindo colores navideños, me encanto tu adorno "novia-novio" es hermoso que sigas, y romantica tan bellos con recuerdos.Que El amor no falte en nuestros hogares ... cariños ... Morita **


All of your ornaments are so lovely and precious. Pink Blessings!

June said...

Ana thank you for sharing these beautiful ornaments. I love the one with your beautiful wedding picture in it. What a beautiful bride you made! I love how you personalized each of these.

Janean said...

Ana, your ornaments are lovely and i like the idea of them being so personal too!

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...


OMG! I have the exact same ornament!!! Mine was encased in a plastic ball too, but cracked when we moved into our new home. However, I still have the ornament and love it more and more everytime I think how long my husby and I have been together.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What beautiful ornaments. I especially like the one of you and hubby. What a delightful memory to have and share. Thank you for swinging by and saying hello. Pop in any 'ole time..hugs ~lynne~

Sea Witch said...

Your ornaments are what make the magic of Christmas so special. Thank you for sharing them with us. Sea Witch

Gina said...

Awww, this is so sweet! Thanks for sharing this with us Ana.