Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Age Does Not Matter

Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday... In a nutshell, this is what I got from each and every comment.

Age does not matter. What matters is that my sweet hubby and I love each other very much. So very true....Plus, me being older than him just means I'm the boss of him... as Betsy's (from "She Who Rides Many Ponies") 6 year old grand kids would say. Hee, hee, hee! Just kidding. That was funny though.

Anyway, I said yesterday that I would focus on the celebrating part of my birthday and that I would try to celebrate all week. Well let me share with you how I treated myself yesterday....

A few weeks ago my hubby bought me a pair of Therashoes...those sneakers that claim to tone your legs and bum.

Well, I hadn't had a chance to try them out so I thought I would take them out for a spin.

And how is that celebrating?... Well, my hubby came along for the walk and anytime spent together alone is always a special treat for me. ♥

If you are wondering if these shoes do what they claim, all I can say is...Boy, today I'm feeling it on my legs and bum...Maybe they do work.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Oh ! By the way, for those of you who wanted to know...my birthday is this Friday.... March 5th.

Hugs and Kisses,


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Those shoes look comfy...let me know how they work.

Your last post was funny....age is just a number~My Hubby is 17 years older then me and we have so much in common.

Guess you could call yourself a Cougar but it may not pertain since you are just a few months apart~lol

Hoping your B~day is the best ever~Sheri

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So happy I stopped by today to read about your upcoming birthday! I have heard a lot about these shoes and have thought maybe I should buy me a pair. Let us know how they work out for you.
I am having a giveaway that ends March 4th just in time for your birthday so if you have not entered be sure and do so.
Happy Birthday sweetie

Willow said...

So Happy to hear you are changing your mind now.

I have heard great reviews on those shoes.


stefanie said...

oooo, i have been wanting those, they seem so tall so I was wondering if they work...mmmmmm, I might have to give them a try!!!! Hope you are haveing a wonderful birthday week!!!!

Atelier de Charo said...

Parecen unas zapatillas especiales, me imagino que estarás en plena planificación para celebrar tu cumple.


maria elena said...

bueno hermosas zapatillas para caminar junto a tu esposo....o porque no hacer un poco de gym... un beso grande desde Argentina

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Ana, I am so happy you are celebrating your birthday all week long, just how it should be! I love to walk, and I love to hear about other ladies walking too with their hubbys... I think it is my favorite part of the day when Jack and I take our Nature walk... enjoy your walks with your sweet hubby, and the rest of your birthday week! xoxo Julie Marie

Cindy said...

Ah Ana, you're so cute, you must have just about passed out when you read my comment!!! heehee!
It is true, though, and like you said, the important thing is that you love each other very much. (And we do) Big hugs, Cindy S

Gina said...

I love that you're celebrating your birthday all week long! Enjoy!

someplace in thyme said...

Oh Ana, I hope your birthday week is perfect, and I know you are getting in shape with the help of your new shoes....exercise and you don't even know it, I like that!!!! Char

Sea Witch said...

Ana,wishing you the happiest birthday this friday. Thanks for the info on the shoes, I'm thinking of getting a pair to help with the arthritis in my left knee. Sea witch

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Birthday week, dear Ana and I hope that you have a fabulous time.
I am a year older than my husband and he always says, that he married a younger woman.
My husband and I enjoy walking together and it is a good time to catch up and talk.
Those shoes look great and enjoy your walks.


BellaRosa said...

Anita amor, age truly is but a number...says I that had such a hard time with turning 41 or was that 42 lol...How old are you now?? You look lil a nina still :) You and your daughter can pass for sisters...And yes amor...you are the boss of him...at least till he catches up age wise....psst...but you don't have to share that part with him :) I love your shoes, I had been thinking of getting some but for the price I wasn't sure if they really worked :) Besos, Rose

ps..my amor is 3 months older than me...and I always tell him...your not the boss of me :)

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Happy Early Birthday; I have wondered about those shoes.. they look comfy, now I will have to get me a pair... have a great week... oh and I so agree with every one else,, age does not matter Love has not boundaries.. Limits, sounds like the two of you are perfect for each other,,,,,


Shirley said...

Ana, I am glad you are celebrating your birthday all week long. I have been looking for a new pair of shoes. I wonder how those would be for standing on concrete for a long period of time. I think I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy Near Birthday to you Dear Anna. I'm thinking that 44 is gonna be a great year for us, don't you think? I SOOOOO need some of those shoes. Wonder if I can find them around here? Wishing you a very beautiful day. Blessings, Tammy

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Ana!! We share the same birthday month...and in the same week!!! Enjoy your birthday month!!

I have wondered about those tennis shoes. Thank you for letting us know about them. Have fun exercising!! XOXO

June said...

Ana do I ever need a pair of those!!! Anything to firm this fanny would be great. You my dear will be awesome at any age, older than hubs or not!!!!

Vicki said...

Hello, dear Ana,
I did not know about these kind of shoes. I need to try a pair, too. I am glad you and sweet hubby were able to share some time together! Happy birthday a little early! You deserve the very best always! Sending love your way! Vicki