Friday, June 4, 2010

Countertop Vignette

After working on my kitchen cabinet the other day (see previous post) I decided that my kitchen counter, this little spot in particular, needed rearranging and redecorating as well, soooo....

Here it is...

Yes, those are blue Hersey's Macadamia Kisses...all the way from Hawaii...My sister Lucy and BIL brought them back for me us from their recent trip. Yummy! I love chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Cute little index box turned recipe box.

I used one of these cabinet doors that were salvaged from a recent mini demo over at my parents house to make my little chalkboard. I love to reuse, repurpose and recycle.

The knobs are original to the house so I knew there was a hidden gem underneath all those layers of paint.

I knew it...It's beautiful....

And this is what the little index box that I bought at a thrift store looked like before it was given a new life as a recipe box.

And it was only a $1.50...Awesome.

So what do you think?


Thank you all for stopping by today.

Hope you drop by again real soon.

Have a wonderfully blessed day.

Hugs and Kisses,


sunshine said...

I think that it is all just gorgeous!
I really like what you have done a lot!


Deb said...

Love it Ana....

KATHY said...

I just love it!! Kathy

Kate said...

Hi Ana
Great makeover very cute just like you!!! Wishing you and Pepe a TERRIFIC weekend

Love you

Julie Marie said...

Hi Ana... it is just PERFECT! I especially love the vintage silver pitcher with the little plant in it... and those macadamia nuts, yummy! Your little recipe box you made is adorable, and how handy to keep it out and show it off as well... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

stefanie said...

great job!!! they are sooooo beautiful!

Ticking and Toile said...

very adorable! Love the recipe box and the little cupboard door as a chalkboard! And of course the teapot is totally cute!


Char said...

Wow! This looks great! Funny how something so simple can look so wonderful and make us so happy!
Thanks for sharing this!


maría cecilia said...

Dar Ana, so happy to see you have been doing beautifu. transformations at your kitchen, loved the cabinet and all you put inside, so lovely!!! and also this chakboard, so pretty and a lovely deatail to your kitchen.
Have enjoyed visiting you and knowing you are feliz arreglando tu casa.
Maria Cecilia

Willow said...

I just love what you did. Great ideas.


Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Just beautiful & tres chic :)

Have a great weekend!
Warmest, Brenda

Gina said...

I love it! What a perfect vignette and the perfect collection of items. I love how you repurposed the cabinet door too.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Ana!
I've visited you a number of times and think its time to officially become a follower!!
I love what you did with your parents cabinet door! Its so cute and the perfect addition to your kitchen!!
I found a teaset very similar to the one in your photo at a recent thrift store outing! Its on my blog now if you'd like to take a peek! It's pretty tarnished but I don't mind :-)
Enjoy a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and Smiles,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Ana

What a beautiful vignette you have created!
Warm regards, Penny

sweetjeanette said...

I love it!!! What a great transformation to that index box!!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Ana; I so love your counter redo,,, I can't believe that some one would paint over those gorgeous glass knobs,,,,, it all looks so beautiful... great job!!!

Have a great weekend


someplace in thyme said...

Ana, the minute I saw those knobs, I thought, GLASS and there they were. I can't imagine painting them, but you never know. I think your counter looks fantastic and love all the little things you have done, Char

rustandruffles said...

Hi Ana,
Love your counter top vignette, and I love your revamped pieces!!!! Beautiful!!

Anna See said...

Simply charming, Ana!

Anna Margaret said...

Hello sweet Ana!

So cute and great idea`s!
Have a lovely weekend!
Anna Margaret ~

Sea Witch said...

Chalk boards and blue kisses. Life is grand! Sea Witch

Jacque said...

Good Morning Ana,

That was an awesome idea with the cabinet doors! What a diamond in the rough! You are so creative. I love everything you've done. I can't wait to see more...

Have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

Great makeovers!

Dawn said...

Hi Ana, your kitchen is so pretty! The before photo of the cabinet door looks just like things from around here before we started cleaning up! I can't believe someone painted over a glass knob!


Great little makeover! Love the chalkboard and the choc. covered nuts......... mmmmmmmmm!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Ana....I am trying to get the vision of chocolate out of my am watching my sweet intake. You were so creative with the little recipe box! Great idea!~Hugs, Patti

Nishant said...

I really like what you have done a lot!
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Vintage French Hen said...

Your kitchen is adorable! Great ideas too! Marcia

Vicki said...

Hello, my sweet friend,
I always enjoy seeing your amazing transformations. The chalkboard is wonderful, as is the recipe box, lamp and silver pitcher. I always like to have a lamp in the kitchen. The chocolate covered macadamia nuts sound yummy. I hope you are having a beautiful week, Ana. Love and blessings always~Vicki

Cindy said...

Ana, Hello my sweet friend! All of your redo's are beautiful! What a neat idea to do with that small door and the index file. It looks GREAT!!!
Hugs, to you, Cindy S

Object of Maya*ffection said...

FAB makeover on the recipe box

Barbara Jean said...

cute!! Love the old knob you took off. hugs

barbara jean

thewhitechair said...

very creative and lovely! you have a great blog, so glad I found it!