Monday, January 10, 2011

♫ All You Need Is Love♫

Hi Everyone.

Last week was my last week helping my sister out in her office and let me tell you, my hats off to her. She manages her very stressful and very, very, very busy office extremely efficiently. (I love you Big Sis.) She is one of the smartest and most hard working people I know and I learned so much working with her. I am truly thankful for the opportunity however, truth be told, I'm happy to be able to get back to my regular routine...

Anyway, although I haven't been able to get to any new projects, I thought I would share with you a project I worked on before Christmas...It was a Christmas gift for one of my nieces. I couldn't wait to show you, but I had to if I didn't want to ruin the surprise...just in case she was tuning in...:-)

She loves The Beatles and she loves purple, so I combined both in a throw pillow.

It was my first time printing on fabric with my printer and I absolutely love how it came out...I cannot wait to print some more stuff...Oh, the creative wheels are turning now...Can you hear them? Hee, Hee, Hee.

Wishing everyone a fantabulous and creative new week.


Hugs and Kisses,


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Ana, how sweet of you to help out your sis, I know she appreciates you so much!... your niece will love her new pillow, you are so creative!... xoxo Julie Marie

Heather said...

What a neat idea! I bet your niece just loves her new pillow! By the way, your new header and background are FABULOUS!

Crocheteando said...

Hi Ana!
Te quedó genial! nunca he probado esta técnica pero me apetece. Las posibilidades son infinitas!!
Ah! por cierto, aquí en España también celebramos la llegada de los Tres Reyes Magos de Oriente, y todos, niños y mayores, recibimos nuestros regalitos. Me encanta ver como al otro lado del mundo compartimos las mismas traciciones y pasteles (también comemos el Roscón...).

Shabbygal said...

Nice new header! Your niece is a lucky girl! Your new toy sounds fun! Have fun with the wheels turning! Traci

Gina said...

What a beautiful & thoughtful gift! Your niece must have loved it! I bet your wheels are turning and I can only imagine what someone as creative as you will come up with. Enjoy & your new blog design is great!

Sea Witch said...

What a terrific pillow. Sis will love it. So creative and contemporary. wish you and those love a terrific 2011. Sea Witch

Kerri said...

My dad would love that pillow! Your new background and header are nice... a warm brown is always so inviting :)


elmundodetrapito said...

hola amiga como estas sigues trabajando, me encanta tu nuevo trabajo te quedo de maravilla.
te deseo que tengas unos bellos dias con cariño moni


What a great pillow for a beatles fan. I bet she loved it!

Cindy said...

WoW!!! Ana, what a great idea and it is so professional looking.
Hugs, Cindy

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I'd love that pillow! I was 12 and in 7th grade when they broke over the air waves with "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and music was never the same after that. Love how it turned out, the picture of them is the way I like to remember them!