Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goal Accomplished!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to share with you that I accomplished the goal I set for myself at the beginning of this week...Yay!!!! I challenged myself to complete two projects this week...One old and one new. The old one was an afghan I started crocheting about 12 years ago...Yikes, 12 years! I know... And the new one was transforming my most recent thrift store find....Do you wanna see?

Remember the "Taters and Onyons" bin? (Click here for a before pic.) Well, now it's this awesome shabby and tres chic storage bin.

Originally I was going to repurpose it as a "Doggie Food" bin...You guessed right Julie Marie :-)...But now I believe it can be used for many other things...A TP storage bin for the bathroom for example, or maybe a mail bin, or maybe even use it for it's original purpose, potato and onion storage. The possibilities are endless. What would you use it for?

And below is the beautiful rosebud afghan....Finally completed. Yay!!!

It feels soooo good to finally see it done.

Love the sweet scalloped border.

Now on to my next project...Well, maybe after I catch up with my house work :-)

Hugs and Kisses,


Ido said...

Oh my goodness! That bin is b e a u t i f u l!!!! I love it! I could use it for so many things... to luck up mi kid when he is not behaving lol!, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, endless possibilities.
Love the afghan too, so beautiful, I can't crochet, I tried when I was little and everything started curling up immediately, so no crocheting for me, love the sweet colors.

elmundodetrapito said...

hola amiga quedo preciosos que cambio y felicitaciones , lograste tu cometido terminar este bellisimo trabajo, que tengas un adorable fin de semana ,..con mucho cari├▒o moni

Amy Kinser said...

I am in awe!! I have a friend who has had one of those taters and onion bins forever because her father in law made it and she couldn't get rid of it. (even though it matched nothing in her kitchen) You have knocked that makeover out of the park. I mean, it looks awesome!!!! I would buy that!

And, your afghan is beautiful.

Two major things accomplished wonderfully.

Gina said...

Holy cow! The bin looks amazing. You could seriously use it for storing pretty much anything. Very clever.
The afghan is so pretty! It's delicate & screams cottage. Once again, you amaze me with your talent.

Sassy Marsha said...

Ohh, la, la, love the BIN!!!!

I think it would make a great clothes hamper!!! I am going to have keep me eye out for one now!

Your rosebud afghan is just beautiful!!!!


Cindy said...

Congrats on completing two great projects. I should challenge myself, I suppose, perhaps I would see something accomplished that way.
Anyways, back to your projects, I adore the storage bin! Something like that would look great in a bathroom! Very shabby and chic! And what an adorably gorgeous little afghan!!! It is SO pretty!
I got your hugs and now I'm sending love and hugs back to you!! (Aren't we silly?!:)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

All right Ana! Good for you! I need to set a goal for myself too and "get r dun"! I would use the bin in my bathroom to hold TP and extra bathroom "needs". It looks great and the afghan is beautiful!~Hugs, Patti

Rebecca said...

YIPPPEEEE SKIPPPEEEE for you! It does feel sooo good to get things done, huh?


Kerri said...

Your projects look fabulous! Dont you just love taking something old and making it into something new? So much fun :) The bin turned out so shabby delicious and that afghan is precious! Hope you have a nice weekend. I will be at dog shows.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

OH, MY!! You know I loved that afghan before you finished, now... well it's to.die.for!! Gorgeous! Love it! What yarn did you use?

And, the taters and onyons bin came out great, too! You get double kudos for your creativity AND productivity this week!!

blessings ~ tanna

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oh Ana, I love the bin!... Cookie sent me an email and said she still wants it to hold her doggie food!!! It is just lovely, whatever you end up using it for... and your afghan, oooh... so sweet and pretty!... nothing like the feeling of accomplishment!... and they both turned out beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Tessy votes for a doggie food bin too!

Vintage Gal said...

Ana ~ that afghan is absolutely beautiful ~ wow and the storage bin ~ well it's just darling ;-)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Ana!
What a transformation on the bin.. I love it. And you afghan, such beautiful details.. Exquisite!
Enjoy your weekend

Jacque said...

WOW...fabulous is all I can say!! I am ALMOST inspired to finish a few of my "undone" projects--maybe when the grandkids summer vacations at the farmhouse are over!

Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend...

Crocheteando said...

Que preciosidades Ana! como siempre, me he quedado cautivada por tus trabajos. Simplemente fantásticos. El afghano es maravilloso y este armarito ha quedado genial.

Janet said...

Your potato bin redo is just perfect!
I really love how it turned out! Now that afghan looks absolutely amazing! That's something I never learned how to do and am in awe!

Eileen @ CottageBeachHouse said...

Love that gorgeous crochet work. the scalloped edges, the little pink buds. Just gorgeous.
Sensational bin too!

Heather said...

Wow! There is nothing like blogging to make us whip out those unfinished projects, and yours turned out wonderful! What a great transformation for the taters and onions, and the afghan is truly so pretty!

Irma@CosasBellas said...

Love, love, love the bin Ana!
You made it look absolutely YUMMY.
Can't wait to check it out up close.
I'm the touchy-feely type. lol

luv ya lots,

notes of sincerity said...

Bravo! :o)
Your completed goals are fabulous.
What a beautiful crocheted blanket and
such a cute container!! :o)
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Sincerely, Trish

•♥ Ally ♥• said...

is beautiful, Ana! I knew you would do the magic! and see the afghan how it is romantic! not tell you stole your daughter? :) A grande grande hug my cara friend

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Ana...skip the housework and keep going, you are on a beautiful roll!!

Linda said...

WOW! I love what you did with the Tater Bin and your afghan is absolutely beautiful!

Have a sweet & blessed Sunday!

Lady Pamela said...

Fabulous job on the 'taters' bin. I could not picture it before. I will not get rid of mine now, for sure. Well done, my friend.