Friday, September 30, 2011

Lighting Up Our Beaches

For the last couple of days our beaches have been lighting up at night...

Video from YouTube.

Isn't it cool? There has been a strong red tide here in San Diego this past week which is what this is... The red tide is a discoloration of seawater caused by a bloom of tiny organisms known as red dinoflagellates – And if I understand correctly when these tiny little creatures become agitated they light up through a phenomenon known as bioluminescence. Amazing! Just thought I'd share.

Wishing everyone a phenomenal weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,


mary said...

very cool! i remember how awesome that was the first time i ever saw it when i lived on a sailboat!
xoxox dear ana!

Sea Witch said...

Don't you just love the sea and its majesty? Thanks for sharing this vid. Sea Witch

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

WOW!! Amazing.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. blessings ~ tanna

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Ana,

We had an algea bloom over here once too and it was magical dancing around on the sand and water ~ the phosphorescence light was like fairyland. Thanks for sharing.

Happy weekend

Shabby chic Sandy said...

That is beautiful--thanks for sharing!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

*so cool*

Gina said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing Ana.

•♥ Ally ♥• said...

My dear friend, you have really strange creatures there to San Diego.
I still remember the little blue animal that rainy day. :)
Thanks for giving me a few seconds of air in California. a big hug.
ps: waiting for news for the package to send you:) is almost ready!

Ido said...

That is amazing, I think you can even surf at night! that is if those little tiny creatures don't chew you up lol!
Have a great week Ana!