Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Thankful For...Day 8

Today I'm thankful for....

My pink, fluffy, super warm robe.

My pretty snowflake scarf.

And my super cute, shabby chic, rose socks.

Becasue they are all doing an awesome job of keeping me nice and warm on this very chilly morning.

What are you thankful for today?

Wishing everyone a wonderful thanksgiving day.

Hugs and Kisses,


d e l i g h t said...

I can feel the softness of the pink robe! It is chilly here in Arizona too...finally!! I'm thankful today for the cooler weather. Have a warm and cozy day!

Marydon said...

I'm wishing for a pair of those SOCKS, Ana! They are fab! What a delightful snuggle you are going to have.

It is a sunny 64 today & last week we were buried in snow! Go figure.

Have a beautiful day.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Ana, I'm with you on being thankful for warm soft fuzzies to keep me warm... Especially since it has been quite chilly here the past couple of days!! I love that pink fuzzy robe, my Mom gave me a sweater of the same fabric and I slip it on often to keep me warm around the house:)

Gina said...

I hope all your pretties helped you stay warm & cozy today.

It is 65 & sunny here. A heat wave for us in November!

Cindy said...

Oooh, I like your pink robe and rose socks, too.
I'm thankful that Winter is on it's way!!! I love the snow and we have about three inches now!
I am enjoying my flannel gown and warm socks now. Also my electric blanket and fleece sheets. We will stay warm, if nothing else.
Love and hugs, Cindy

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I am thankful I have some warm things to wear this morning, too!!! Brrr... the cold front came last night. I am thankful for a roast to put in the crockpot and enjoy smelling all day long! ;) blessings ~ tanna

A Cottage Muse said...

You sure know how to relax in style!