Thursday, December 20, 2012

12 Days Before Christmas Countdown/Giveaway...5

Hi Everyone!

We are getting closer and closer each day to Christmas...Just like Lula, The Sweet Little Christmas Fairy is getting closer and closer...mistletoe in our sweet little girl, Cookie...Good thing she likes kisses. Hee, hee, hee.
5 more days everyone! Yay!
Remember our countdown continues tomorrow...I do hope you've been enjoying them.

Hope to see you then.
Have a very merry day.

Giveaway Guidelines....

For a chance to win Lula, The Sweet Little Christmas Fairy...This cute, little doll creation made by me...All you have to do is leave a comment on any of my 12 Days Before Christmas Countdown/Giveaway posts. Now if you would like your name to be entered up to 12 times well, all you have to do is visit us every day during our countdown and leave one comment on each of our 12 Days Before Christmas/Giveaway posts. Yay! Easy enough right? Deadline to enter is December 24th at midnight (Pacific Time). I will announced the winner on Christmas Day!

Warm Christmas Hugs,


jenann said...

Who is the cutest? Lula or Cookie? It is too difficult to decide. I shall miss this run of 12 Days blogs when they end.

Julie Marie at Idyllhours said...

I would be giving sweet little Cookie some kisses too if I was there!... xoxo Julie Marie

Carol said...

Cookie and Lula are precious. Hugs and kisses from middle TN.

Teresa said...

"Hand in hand, with fairy grace,
Will we sing, and bless this place.
~William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream"

I knew she wouldn't pass the opoortunity to mess with Sweet Cookies... the poor sould doesn't have a minute of rest - goes the witch comes the Fair and all I - really! - want is nap ahahahah

Art and Sand said...

I have not blogged or read any blogs for nearly 2 weeks. We are off on vacation and I have some free time to look at favorite blogs. Yours was the first I went to because I knew you were doing a 12 Days of Christmas. Lulu is precious. Little Lulu was the name my father always called me. I had not thought of that for years until just now as I was commenting. Thanks for the great memor.

•♥ Ally ♥• said...

dolce Cookie ! fa venire voglia di farle tante coccole. buon fine settimana mia dolce amica

Shirley said...

Merry Christmas Ana to you and your family. I have enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas even though I haven't left a comment on each post. I have got to visit friends today with being home. The weather was really bad in our area with Major Highways shut down and a lot of accidents. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I like the way your little dog is just taking it all in. :@

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Looks like she will get a nice sloppy kiss! So cute :)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Everyone love kisses and hugs even Fairy's and doggies... and then there are some people,we just have to put the mistletoe over their heads to get a kiss and Christmas hug... Gary hung our mistletoe right in the front door way...We don't want to miss out on any kisses or hugs.
XO Elizabeth