Friday, January 9, 2015

Delicately Pink

Disregard every thing you've heard about our state's amazingly perfect weather....
We've been having really crazy weather. One day it's freezing cold (well, for our standards anyway...Hee, hee, hee) other days we have Santa Ana weather. Crazy I tell you.
But this sweet little geranium has fought against all the craziness and survived. I don't think I've ever seen one bloom during this time of the year.
It is the softest shade of favorite color...And it has certainly brought  joy to my heart,
Just wanted to share with you hoping it brings joy
 to your heart too.

Joining my first blog party of this year over at
Pink Saturday
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Hugs and Kisses,


bj said...

O, dear, Ana...what a beautiful flower...such a lovely, soft pink.
Thank you so much for coming over, leaving such a sweet comment and following along with me. I am now following you so maybe we will meet in the middle, you can give me a cutting off your pretty flower and I'll make you a cup of hot tea and a treat...:)
xo bj

Claudia said...

Dear Ana, sweet friend,
this Geranium is so pretty, such a wonderful flower!
Have a happy weekend, my dear friend,
sending Love and hugs and blessings
♥ Claudia ♥

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

What a nice pop of color to brighten your days, Anna! We've got a huge geranium in the entrance to the clinic I work at, and it's surviving the below zero blasts of cold air that hit it every time the door opens! Have a great weekend!

LV said...

How fortunate you are to have such a pretty bloom now. Nothing like that in Texas where I live.

Alessandra said...

Dear Ana, such a crazy weather in Italy too. Your flowers are wonderful. I love their delicate pink.

Jeanne said...

Hello Ana, Your lovely flowers were a joy to see. A perfect Pink Saturday post.

bettyl-NZ said...

How fascinating that it blooms now! The colors are so pale and lovely.

Art and Sand said...

24 straight hours of rain here !

Filonico said...

Beautiful and pale geranium precursor of spring. See you soon!

The Speckled Hen Cottage said...

Oh Ana, that geranium is a beautiful color. I know it's strange time for it to be blooming...up here on the Oregon coast one of my daughters blueberry trees bloomed and produced blueberries!!! Then they had to find shelter for it when we had a freeze. Stranger than normal weather this year. Enjoy your blossoms and have a wonderful week!
Best ~ Mickie

Stephanie said...

Hello Ana! I found your blog via BJ :) Your icon was so pretty that I just had to click on it and then it led me to your beautiful blog. It was such a delight to scroll through your previous posts - what loveliness!

Happy to be following along - I look forward to visiting again. Hugs!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Raining here yesterday and today... freezing rain all night tonight. That means laying around all day tomorrow with the family watching TV, eating and nap taking :)
Beautiful flower! Have a great day!

Teresa said...

Well, the board behind does say "Believe" and Nature always does...
Just to have romantic ans sweetheart souls paying attention and enjoying it's effort and optimism.
Take a page from their book, Dear Friend!
Take Care,

Art @ Home said...

LOL I like Teresa's comment!
I love the shade of pink of the geranium….a perfect Pink Saturday post!